Santa Claus’s Korstna Farm

Santa Claus lives here with Mrs. Santa, dwarfs, horses, rabbits, spiders, moles, birds and many other bigger and smaller friends.

All year round Santa Claus, Mrs. Santa and dwarfs make the most important and somewhat less important or even the most unimportant things here. They go fishing, make hay, pick strawberries; repair sledges, tractors and bikes; prepare gifts, make pancakes and surprises; enjoy sports, tarts and make cork floats; count lambs, children and read books … and a lot, lot more!

In Chimney Farm you may have your birthdays, first school days, summer days, camp days and other important days. In addition you may stay overnight!

Come everybody, big or small, to have fun with Santa Claus, Mrs. Santa and the dwarfs!


You can also come by bus from Pärnu Bus Station.

How to come ...

See you at Santa Claus’s place!


Most important family events 2024

5.01 at 14-17 - Family Day "VISIT SANTA CLAUS!" 

18.02 at 12-15 - Family Day "VALENTINE'S DAY"

21.04 at 12-15 - Family Day "SPRING CATTLE RELEASE DAY"

19.05 at 12-15 - Family Day "10th ANNIVERSARY PARTY"

8.09 at 12-15 - Family Day "SANTA'S ELVES SCHOOL"

13.10 at 12-15 - Family Day "JAM DAY"

10.11 at 12-15 - Family Day "ST. MARTIN'S DAY"

26.12 at 12-16 - Family Day "VISIT SANTA CLAUS!"

Most important family events 2025

4.01 at 12-16 - Family Day "VISIT SANTA CLAUS!"   

Please note!
Some activities take place outdoors, we recommend to dress comfortably and according to the weather.

Participation fee 10 € per person

See also how it all started... - Jõuluvana Korstna talu talgud 2012
Photo gallery of opening ...

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