Kayak trip - Sunset in Manilaid

Päikeseloojang Manilaiul

Maria Farm in cooperation with the team of Seikle Vabaks invites you to enjoy sunset in Manilaid!

Manilaid is a small rocky islet in Pärnu County and also one of the smallest inhabited islets in Europe. The second biggest island of Pärnu County is approximately 5 km long and 0.5 km wide and forms a landscape protection area together with Anilaid. Natural values of the island are rare plants and coastal meadows. In warm nights in May and June, one can hear a sonorous natterjack toad concert.

Kayak trip “Sunset in Manilaid” includes the following:

  • Kayak and equipment
  • Guide service
  • Dinner
  • An unforgettable adventure
  • Accommodation in a double room in Maria Farm
  • Breakfast

Minimum group size is 6 persons or in the amount of 6 persons.
In addition, we suggest you to order transfer from Maria Farm to Munalaid Port and back.

ROUTE: Munalaid Port - Manilaid - Kuivassääre tip - Anilaid - Papina tip - Munalaid Port.
DURATION: 4-5 hours during which time we shall go round Manilaid island.
MILEAGE: 12 kilometers.

The starting point of the sea trip is Munalaid Port where one should arrive with personal transport. Firstly, the entire equipment is packed in watertight bags and also into kayaks. After that the hiking equipment is introduced briefly and also the basic principles of rowing. Then we shall set out.
The first stop is Kuivasääre tip where we stretch our legs and have a small snack and if necessary small adjustments are made so that the trip would run smoother. After that we shall move towards Anilaid island which is known as the breeding place of birds of prey – cormorants. About that time you will probably start to feel hungry. That is why we shall quickly head towards Papina tip where we shall prepare a refreshing meal in open nature. Manilaid lighthouse, the only crooked lighthouse in Estonia, is also located in the place where we shall have the meal. You can measure yourself how crooked it really is. About now, the sun will start to sink into the sea. During the entire dinner, you can enjoy the beautiful glow, soothing your spirit and soul torn by the sea.
When your stomach is full and your body rested, we shall move towards the Western side of Manilaid with our trip, our destination being Munalaid Port. By that time, the sun is setting behind the sea and scatters its last rays into our evening sea trip. Finally, we shall come ashore in the port where we shall unpack our things and declare our sea trip officially having ended.
Note! However, it must be taken into account that in case the sky is filled with clouds, we cannot conjure up a beautiful sunset during our trip but you must not let your spirits fall because of that. The trip also takes place with a cloudy and rainy weather and everyone shall get a necessary amount of adventure.

After recreational activities we suggest you to relax in rural spa saunas.


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