Sightseeing in Estonia - Tõstamaa Parish

Kõpu kirik
  The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of Kõpu

Tõstamaa Rural municipality (261 km², 1537 residents) is a beautiful region with extremely diverse nature where one can find a long coastline, coastal and wooded meadows, erratic boulder fields, sand dunes, primeval forest and beautiful rivers. The territory of the rural municipality also includes a small part of Nätsi-Võlla bog, a bigger part of Lindi swamp and the biggest lakes of Lääne County Ermistu and Tõhela. In order to preserve all the above, Tõstamaa coastal region, Varbla coastal region and Kihnu Strait Marine Park have been created.

The most interesting sights being under nature conservation are certainly the seamarks Kastna oaks, Manija Kokkakivi associated with the Old Nick, Tõrvanõmme pine associated with billionaire Anna Tõrv-Murdoch, manor parks, mysterious and distant Sorgu. The only occupied island Manilaid being the pride of the municipality is also famous for its natterjack toads.

At the same time, there are many historical, archaeological and architectural objects in the municipality: 4 churches, Tõstamaa manor with its entire complex, Pootsi manor complex, Pootsi windmill, several stone barrows, village cemeteries, sacrificial stones and trees.

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