Rural spa saunas, Estonian sauna, smoke sauna

Talurahva Spaa saunad

In Maria Farm one can enjoy sauna procedures in rural spa saunas – wood-fired Estonian sauna and authentic Estonian farm sauna or smoke sauna (smoke sauna is not available at the moment.

The best way to restore the balance between body and mind is to derive strength from the ancient nature of Estonia, to energise oneself in sauna like our ancestors and to enjoy the healing power of sauna therapy, bathing and body procedures.

In Maria farm it is possible to take part in a unique and interesting sauna therapy! It is possible to order a sauna man who shall organize an unforgettable whisking session. You can refresh your heated body in the cool water of the pond flowing between the two saunas or in an ice-hole during winter.

Already our ancestors knew that sweating, whisking and steaming oneself toughens those who are healthy and cures those who are ill. In the sauna, joint problems were cured, cupping was performed and sore places were massaged. The old Estonians had their sauna day on Saturday and on Thursday for practicing witchcraft and for healing. The sauna man of Maria Farm will tell you all that and much more.

The recommendations of Maria Farm sauna man can also be read in health magazine “Üks”. No 4/2009, page 62.

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